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OE wyrtig, adj: Garden-like, full of plants;
On anum wyrtige hamme, Homl. Skt. ii. 30:312




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Many plants have been used in past and present times for medicinal purposes, and as one of the focuses of Wyrtig.com is the history of gardening, these uses are discussed here. However, common sense requires that you consult your family physician or other health care provider before using any plant materials for medicinal purposes. The old saying that "A doctor who treats him- (or her-) self has a fool for a patient" is no less true in herbal and homeopathic medicine than in any other branch of the healing sciences. Herbal remedies should not be used by the uninformed; medical advice should be taken before using any herbal remedy.



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Botanists are among those who know that, in spite of the rude shocks of life,
it is well to have lived, and to have seen the everlasting beauty of the world.
F.D. Drewitt


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